Eavestrough repair

Here at Antarctic window & eaves cleaning we have servicemen who are very experienced in eavestrough and roof repair. Anything from leaking corners to damaged shingles and rotten facia boards our technicians can repair or replace for a reasonable price. Any repair or replacement completed by Antarctic windows and eaves cleaning will be under warranty ( up to 5 years). If looking to install leaf guards please contact us for a free estimate .

Below are some of the common eavestrough repair required:

  • Caulking of the corner or joint
  • Re-attaching detached eavestrougs using screw-in brackets
  • Relocating downspouts
  • Installing additional downspouts
  • Fastening loos downspouts
  • Extending downspouts on lower level roofs
  • Replacing damaged downspout elbows
  • Re-routing downspouts

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